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Shiori Tono

Installation view with Shiori Tono, Hide and Seek, 2019

  • Installation view with Shiori Tono, <em>Hide and Seek</em>, 2019
  • Installation view, artwork: Shiori Tono
  • Installation view with Shiori Tono, <em>THE END</em>, 2020
  • Installation view, artwork: Shiori Tono
  • Installation view, artwork: Shiori Tono
  • Shiori Tono, <em>Hide and Seek</em>, 2019, oil on canvas, 130.3 x 162.0 cm
MASAHIRO MAKI GALLERY is pleased to present concurrent solo exhibitions by two artists on our second and third floor gallery spaces, respectively. On the third floor, we will be holding the first solo exhibition by Shiori Tono.

Shiori Tono creates works on canvas using motifs from her own childhood photographs taken by her parents, and photographs she herself has taken and stored, depicting on canvas the disintegration and distortion of ‘memory’.

Our memory is vague and unreliable. At times, memories are rewritten or fabricated by our own assumptions. Tono creates a grid of small squares on the original photograph using masking tape and transfers the image square by square onto the canvas. Each square is transferred at a different point in time from its adjoining squares, thus creating an unevenness in coloring and shape. This is also reminiscent of the pixelation effect that can be seen in the deterioration of digital images.

For Tono, who incorporates the characteristics of memory in her method of production and transforms them into finished works, memory is not merely a means of losing oneself in nostalgia. She captures the instability and uncertainty of 'memory’ objectively, regarding its loss and discontinuity calmly, reflecting it in her work. We hope you will visit us to view the artist’s first solo exhibition.