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Justine Hill

We are pleased to present Pull by Justine Hill for the inaugural edition of our online viewing room.
Justine Hill was born in 1985 in Tarrytown, New York and is currently based in New York. Hill is one of the emerging artists who have been garnering attention in the U.S. For example, she has appeared in art-related and general media publications, including The Art Newspaper, Artsy and Artspace, as well as The Huffington Post. Her work is also in significant collections, including those of The Davis Museum (Wellesley, MA) and the Columbus Metropolitan Library (Columbus, OH).
Eager to present and share the work of this talented artist as soon as possible, MASAHIRO MAKI GALLERY will be holding Hill’s first exhibition outside the United States, as well as introducing her work concurrently through our online viewing room.
The greatest appeal of Hill’s artwork lies in the unique, shaped canvases that are both dynamic and precisely structured, and the distinctive, vivid colors that seem to gently envelop the viewer. Her highly abstract and decorative works are not only supported by a conceptual depth but also represent her artistic sensibility itself, making her personality felt.
Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has prevented us from being able to introduce the artist in person in Japan, we hope that you will experience the appeal of her artwork through the images of the installation and artwork accessible in the online viewing room.



Installation view

【Characteristics of Justine Hill's work】
Justine Hill creates abstract works that uniquely bring together primitive shapes with precise color selections. 'Cutouts' are the name given to the precisely designed, irregular-shaped canvases that characterize her work. Layers of distinct and vibrant color are created through the appropriate distribution of colors, controlling the levels of brightness, a complex combination of media, and the integration of various levels of transparency.

Interview with Justine Hill

【Video interview with Justine Hill】
Here, Justine talks about her process, her use of paint and collage, how she transcended her creative limitations, and her work, Hold the Capstone.

Process 00:00 -
Paint and Collage 02:27 -
Limitations 04:55 -
Hold the Capstone 06:57 -
(This video is from a virtual exhibition held at Denny Dimin Gallery in 2019.)

Installation view