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Miya Ando

MAKI Gallery is pleased to present an online exhibition by Miya Ando in the online viewing room on our website. Ando is of American and Japanese parentage, and her artistic sensibility has been polished by her awareness of these two cultures. The certainty that two opposing and sometimes contradictory elements can become one informs her creative practice. In this exhibition, we will introduce her series, Kumo (Cloud), which is representative of this concept, together with another series, Shou Sugi Ban, which skillfully incorporates traditional Japanese techniques.

Clouds change their shape and color from moment to moment. In Kumo (Cloud), the artist depicts them on metal sheets. She thus expresses the possibilities for something that has no form to exist on something that does, seeing in her motif, the Buddhist concept of ‘muj ’ (impermanence). In the series, Shou Sugi Ban, Ando creates a contrast between two colors and two materials, thereby achieving a fusion of differing worldviews.
There are many different elements that coexist in the artist’s work: while she was born and raised in California, she also spent periods of time in Japan, so that a Japanese sensitivity toward nature, as well as an understanding of Buddhism, give deep meaning to her work. Ando is based in New York, but her works have been shown at various museums both in the United States and around the world. She has also created many public works of art. This will be her first exhibition with MAKI Gallery, and our gallery’s first online-only exhibition. She is also due to hold a large-scale exhibition with us this autumn. We hope you will take this opportunity to view her works.



Installation view

【Miya Ando: Installation view】
MAKI Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Miya Ando, exclusively in the online Viewing Room on our website, from June 2 (Tue.) through July 11 (Sat.). There, you will find installation images of the works in our gallery space.

Miya Ando: David Lynch Foundation Video Interview

【Miya Ando: David Lynch Foundation Video Interview】
In this video, Miya Ando speaks about the source of her creativity, her creative process, her aesthetics and her view of the world. It offers us a deeper understanding of the artist, her work and her appeal.

Installation view