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Shiori Tono

We are pleased to announce that fresh from her solo exhibition at MAKI Gallery / Omotesando, Tokyo held in January of this year, Shiori Tono will be holding an online exhibition, fragments of memory 2, at the Viewing Room on our website. Greatly encouraged and stimulated by the response she received from our visitors during her solo exhibition in January, the artist has been spurred to create new works centered on the theme of memory.
Tono lays down masking tape to create grids of 3x3cm squares on the canvas surface, applying paint inside those squares of exposed canvas. There is thus an element of unpredictability in how the image the artist has chosen to paint will appear in the end. Through this, she seeks to understand the mechanism of human memory: whether our memories are reliable and consistent; the significance of information that can be lost or fabricated; whether the psychological distance between the artist and her motifs, in the sense of deeply personal memories or forgotten memories, has an effect on their reliability, consistency and significance. By engaging with a variety of motifs for this exhibition, too, the artist has given expression to these questions through her art.
For the upcoming online exhibition at our Viewing Room, we will be showing new works as a sequel to her exhibition in January. We invite you to take this opportunity to view the world of Tono’s memories.



Installation view

【Shiori Tono:Installation view】
MAKI Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Shiori Tono, exclusively in the Viewing Room on our website, from August 1 (Sat.) through 29 (Sat.). There, you will find installation images of the works in our gallery space.

Installation view