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Anthony Miler

We are pleased to present a solo exhibition by Anthony Miler, Land Is Witness, from September 24 at the Viewing Room on our website. During the artist’s first solo exhibition at MAKI Gallery in 2020, his paintings, with their distinctive motifs and gentle hues produced by a unique combination of pigments, drew the admiration of many visitors. Having gained time for deeper reflection due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, the artist has further developed his thoughts on the artwork per se and will be presenting his second exhibition with us.
Miler’s unique motifs may look like birds at first glance. However, they are not depictions of one particular thing, but a portrayal of the beauty of form in an evolutionary context. They can be considered examples of evolution without human beings. The artist has chosen the exhibition title in reference to the fact that these paintings (landscapes) are not only subject to the gaze of the viewer, but also that they themselves (as landscapes, as land) observe the viewer. They bear witness to our discussions and decisions. Underlying this concept is the reality that under current circumstances, people have lost their freedom of movement and it is now the artworks that travel throughout and ‘witness’ the world.



Installation view

【Anthony Miler:Installation view】
MAKI Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Anthony Miler, exclusively in the Viewing Room on our website, from September 24 (Thu.) through October 24 (Sat.). There, you will find installation images of the works in our gallery space.

Installation view