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Jordy Kerwick

We are pleased to present an online exhibition by Australian artist Jordy Kerwick, in the Viewing Room on our gallery website. The artist held his first solo exhibition at MAKI Gallery in August 2019, during which his distinctly contemporary perspective on the classic subject of still lifes have received great acclaim. This exhibition will feature new works created throughout the year of 2020, where wild animal motifs make their appearance in the previously safe domestic environment the artist depicted thus far.

The exhibition will display Kerwick’s constraint-free paintings, which fuse flatness and dimensionality, figurative and abstract, sketching and painting - all of which are created through a candid childlike simplicity of execution. Each of his works bring a distinctly contemporary edge to the classic subject of Vanitas*1 still life, and we invite you to experience his simultaneously poetic and gruff vision of the existence in the Viewing Room on our website.

*1 A genre of still-life painting that flourished in the Netherlands in the early 17th century designed to remind the viewer of their mortality and the worthlessness of worldly goods and pleasures.



Installation view

【Jordy Kerwick:Installation view】
There, you will find installation images of the works in our gallery space.

Installation view