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Publication Announcement: Anne KAGIOKA RIGOULET

[DATA] 2022.01.11

MAKI Gallery is pleased to present the first publication dedicated to the work of French-Japanese artist Anne Kagioka Rigoulet. Since 2014, Kagioka has developed a number of painting series that employ water as both a subject and a method to capture the fluid dynamism of nature. Having trained in oil painting and fresco, Kagioka is known for her unique method combining fabric collage with mural techniques to create relief-like paintings that strike a fine balance between abstraction and figuration.

The monograph explores each body of work in depth, offering a comprehensive survey of Kagioka’s career thus far, and includes an exclusive interview with the artist in which she reflects on her past projects, process, personal history, and sources of inspiration.

To mark the occasion, MAKI Gallery will host an artist talk followed by an autograph session on Saturday, January 15, 2022. Kagioka will discuss the book as well as other recent projects with writer Moeka Suzuki, who interviewed the artist for the publication.

Press release – Anne Kagioka Rigoulet, Anne KAGIOKA RIGOULET