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Art Fairs

Taipei Dangdai 2023

  • 2023/05/12-2023/05/14
  • Booth F12

Installation view, artwork, left to right: Miya Ando, baanai, Michael Kagan, Keisuke Tada, Anne Kagioka Rigoulet

MAKI Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the fourth edition of Taipei Dangdai Art & Ideas, one of the most significant contemporary art fairs in Asia. The gallery will present works by four artists from its diverse program: Michael Kagan, Anne Kagioka Rigoulet, Keisuke Tada, and baanai.
Inspired by the boundless potential of humankind, Michael Kagan (b. 1980 in Virginia) works across painting, sculpture, and printmaking to depict triumphant moments in space history. Anne Kagioka Rigoulet (b. 1987 in Kanagawa, Japan) creates sculptural paintings that capture the fleeting moments when familiar landscapes transform into abstract visions. Keisuke Tada (b. 1986 in Aichi, Japan) questions the existence of objects in relation to physical and virtual spaces by utilizing paint to convincingly replicate rusty chains or decaying wood on canvas. baanai (b. 1977 in Kanagawa, Japan) continuously inscribes a single phrase—“ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU,” or “thank you very much” in Japanese—in various styles, resulting in intricately layered canvases that draw the viewer in.
We look forward to seeing you at Booth F12.


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