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Art Fairs

Taipei Dangdai 2024

  • 2024/05/10-2024/05/12
  • Booth A05 | Keisuke Tada, Koichiro Takagi, Asami Kiyokawa

Installation view, Taipei Dangdai 2024. Artworks (left to right): Asami Kiyokawa, Koichiro Takagi, Keisuke Tada. Photo by Ringo Cheung.

MAKI Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the fifth edition of Taipei Dangdai, one of the most significant contemporary art fairs in Asia, with a group presentation of works by Japanese artists Keisuke Tada, Koichiro Takagi, and Asami Kiyokawa.
Keisuke Tada (b. 1986 in Aichi) questions the existence of objects in relation to physical and virtual spaces, using paint to convincingly replicate chains, wood, and tiles on canvas, as well as craft artificially weathered landscape paintings. The multimedia creations of Koichiro Takagi (b. 1974 in Tokyo) depict a peculiar, almost eerily utopian world populated by animals and anthropomorphic creatures, where conflicting ideas like familiarity and discomfort or anonymity and ethereality converge. Known for her unique method of applying embroidery to magazines, books, and other printed materials, Asami Kiyokawa (b. 1979 in Awaji Island) examines and visualizes the contradictions that arise between the internal and external components of an individual’s identity.
We look forward to seeing you at Booth A05!


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