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Johan Deckmann

Installation view, artwork: Johan Deckmann

MAKI Gallery is pleased to present You May Not Want To Hear This, Copenhagen-based artist Johan Deckmann’s first solo exhibition in Japan. Featured at our Tennoz I space will be an array of new paintings and mixed media sculptures as well as the artist’s celebrated book pieces, in which he takes found books and paints witty titles or astute remarks in English that cleverly abridge the human experience.

Takuro Tamura

Installation view, artwork: Takuro Tamura

We are pleased to present 5W<1H, Tokyo-based artist Takuro Tamura’s first solo exhibition at MAKI Gallery. Over fifty new works, including paintings and sculptures, will be on view at our gallery space in Omotesando, Tokyo. 
5W1H, or what is commonly known as the Five Ws (who, what, when, where, why) and the how, represents the most basic and fundamental questions asked in any situation. In particular, the “how” is crucial to Tamura and the way he approaches the making of his works.
The incessant focus on the “how” pushes the artist to consider his own existence through a critical lens, and in turn, encourages the viewer to take a closer look at their surroundings. How does one capture the collective consciousness and embed the values of our times into a work of art? Tamura’s practice is driven by questions such as these, and he continually expands his own observations and interpretations on the matter. We hope you will take this opportunity to delve into the largest presentation of Tamura’s works to date. 


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