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  • SWEET HORIZON ~甘美なる水平線~
  • 2024/03/02-2024/04/10
  • Tennoz I, Tokyo

Installation view, artwork: baanai

MAKI Gallery is pleased to announce SWEET HORIZON ~甘美なる水平線~, its second solo exhibition featuring Kugenuma-based artist baanai, at Tennoz I, Tokyo. Since 2017, baanai’s practice has been characterized by filling canvases layer upon layer with the words “ARIGATOUGOZAIMASU,” translating to “thank you” in Japanese. The exhibition showcases two new series, SWELL / RECONSTRUCTION and HARMONY, which build upon this continuous endeavor.

In both series, baanai employs collage as a new way of incorporating pieces of his personal history in his work, as well as facilitating the expansion of his multilayered expressive lexicon. With this distinct approach, the artist begins a new chapter in his lifelong pursuit of transforming words into affects, affirmations, and invisible vibrations.

Please take this opportunity to experience baanai’s multifarious new works, which delve into the artist’s past and present while also showcasing the potential for his further evolution in the future.


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