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Craig Kucia

Installation view with Craig Kucia, absent landscape, 2021

MAKI Gallery is pleased to present act(ive) enclosure, Los Angeles-based artist Craig Kucia’s first solo exhibition in Japan, which will be held at our Omotesando space. Kucia is known for his idiosyncratic practice which integrates his upbringing with rigorous art historical training. For his debut exhibition in Asia, a new series of intimately-scaled canvases will be featured along with five new paintings.

Satoru Tamura, Takuro Tamura, Shiori Tono, Miya Ando, Takahiro Yamamoto, baanai, etc.

Installation view, artwork, left to right: baanai, Satoru Tamura, Shiori Tono

We are pleased to present Connect #2, a group exhibition featuring select artists from our program, at MAKI Gallery / Tennoz II, Tokyo.

The exhibition will include works by artists such as Satoru Tamura, Takuro Tamura, Shiori Tono, Miya Ando, Takahiro Yamamoto, and baanai. In addition to showcasing the individual artworks, we will highlight the appeal of the gallery space as a whole by changing the works on view intermittently throughout the exhibition period. The presented artworks are each imbued with their own unique worldview, values, and messages, yet become connected within a single space—connecting to the viewers, and to the direction of the gallery’s aim to unearth new perspectives in one another.

Following Connect #1, the well-received group exhibition held in January 2021, Connect #2 brings together artists working with a wide range of materials, techniques, contexts, motifs, and concepts. However, when we view the works and imagine each artist’s process, we begin to notice their diverse practices all share the commonality of repeated physicality and spiritual connection and disconnection. Furthermore, we hope this exhibition will provide an opportunity for new relationships to be forged among artists, collectors, and galleries, and that these ties will lead to stronger alliances and partnerships within the art community.

We welcome you to experience and engage with this new group presentation, the second installment in MAKI Gallery’s Connect series.

Johan Deckmann

Installation view, artwork: Johan Deckmann

MAKI Gallery is pleased to present You May Not Want To Hear This, Copenhagen-based artist Johan Deckmann’s first solo exhibition in Japan. Featured at our Tennoz I space will be an array of new paintings and mixed media sculptures as well as the artist’s celebrated book pieces, in which he takes found books and paints witty titles or astute remarks in English that cleverly abridge the human experience.


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