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Anne Kagioka Rigoulet

Installation view, artwork: Anne Kagioka Rigoulet

We are pleased to present Transition, Kamakura-based artist Anne Kagioka Rigoulet’s first solo exhibition in three years, at MAKI Gallery / Tennoz II, Tokyo. This exhibition will center around new works from Kagioka’s Figure series which is a derivation of the artist’s signature Reflection series, a project ongoing since 2014 in which she depicts reflections in water. The exhibition will also feature works from her Element series which is inspired by Kagioka’s experience at an artist residency program in Luxembourg in 2019. The exhibition title, Transition, embodies a common theme of both series—metamorphosis and change. The sensitivities and emotions gained by the viewer wandering between various subjects, techniques, scales, colors, and spaces allow for each work to continue their perpetual transformation. Please take this opportunity to enjoy Kagioka’s new works in person at our gallery.

Justine Hill, Jennifer Rochlin, Miya Ando, Shiori Tono

Installation view, artwork, left to right: Justine Hill; Jennifer Rochlin; Miya Ando

We are pleased to present works of Justine Hill, Jennifer Rochlin, Miya Ando, and Shiori Tono at MAKI Gallery / Omotesando, Tokyo. The works created by these four female artists give off a unique presence with their own creative process, colors and shape expressions, with subjects such as nature, memories, landscapes and narratives. Please enjoy the finest selection of works by these four artists at the gallery.


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