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Mungo Thomson

  • Nagori Yuki
  • 2021/04/14-2021/04/27
  • MAKI Gallery / Tennoz I, Tokyo × ISETAN Shinjuku

Installation view, artwork: Mungo Thomson, ISETAN Shinjuku

Nagori Yuki, a special exhibition of works by LA-based artist Mungo Thomson, will take place at ISETAN The Stage (ISETAN Shinjuku Store 1F) starting Wednesday, April 14th. Ahead of the exhibition, Thomson’s signature TIME mirrors and Snowman work are currently displayed in ISETAN Shinjuku’s shop windows. Please make sure to check this out as well.

MAKI Gallery has previously held two solo exhibitions—in 2019 and 2020—with Thomson, whose visionary subversion of conventions and preconceptions continues to bring great acclaim. Featured in the ISETAN show is Thomson’s Wall Calendar series, which recreates on a massive scale the phenomenon of a calendar page held up to the sun, its reverse side showing through. For each work, a large piece of cloth is printed on both sides—on the front, an enormous photograph of a mountain; on the back, the dates of a calendar. The cloth is then stretched atop a LED lightbox that is over two meters tall. In the presence of these works, the viewer experiences both geological time and anthropological time at once, and is simultaneously brought to realization of time’s various conceptions.

Thomson comments, “I love analog media like wall calendars and magazines because they are on the cusp of disappearing.” His works seem to contain the message that the existence of us humans may be similarly fleeting.

One can almost step into the light emanating from these incredibly immersive Wall Calendars. They deliver an immediate spark of humor as soon as you lay your eyes upon them, while also providing the joy of gradually decoding and unraveling a multitude of interwoven meanings.

In conjunction with this exhibition, MAKI Gallery / Tennoz I, Tokyo will be showing another Wall Calendar piece alongside works from the artist’s Rods and Cones series. Please take this opportunity to visit both shows and fully delve into Thomson’s world.

Marius Bercea

Installation view with Marius Bercea, The far sound of cities, 2020

We are pleased to present Romanian artist Marius Bercea’s first solo exhibition in Japan, The Far Sound of Cities, at MAKI Gallery / Tennoz II, Tokyo.

The series of new paintings on view continues two decades of prolific exploration in imaginary landscapes of modernist inspiration, explored through layers of color, architecture and bodies. Intended to recuperate a meditation on past signs of new times, Bercea’s paintings connect to a larger context. In a period in which time stands still from more than one point of view, his extremely dynamic works attest to the need of liquefying the well-known mantras of historical interpretation. As such, they allow for a unique perspective on the actual lived experiences of political regimes, with their projected artistic auras ordered to differentiate them from what was before.

Justine Hill, Jennifer Rochlin, Miya Ando, Shiori Tono

Installation view, artwork, left to right: Justine Hill; Jennifer Rochlin; Miya Ando

We are pleased to present works of Justine Hill, Jennifer Rochlin, Miya Ando, and Shiori Tono at MAKI Gallery / Omotesando, Tokyo. The works created by these four female artists give off a unique presence with their own creative process, colors and shape expressions, with subjects such as nature, memories, landscapes and narratives. Please enjoy the finest selection of works by these four artists at the gallery.


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