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Anthony Miler

Born in 1982 and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Anthony Miler received his MFA from The City College of New York, CUNY in 2008. By deconstructing and reconstructing existing time, surrounding environments, and concepts relating to the human spirit and physical forms or spaces, Miler creates mystical works that possess both familiarity and peculiarity. In his monochrome graphite paintings, dynamic crisscross lines executed with a spontaneous rhythm add depth to the picture plane. The rugged vitality of the artist’s work is achieved through a wide range of mark-making techniques, such as freehand drawing, hatching, and blending, all of which emphasize the intricate narratives and the unique characteristics of the depicted subject. On the other hand, Miler’s serene color paintings feature bird-like motifs rendered in flowing strokes and gentle, rich hues. A fascination with the evolution and formal beauty of ancient animals has led him to develop a compelling visual language that quietly yet powerfully draws the viewer in. The artist’s two distinct bodies of work have undergone increased cross-pollination in recent years—the stark black lines now exist in the same space as the soft gradations of color. Furthermore, Miler has begun incorporating thickly laid oil paint to add a textural, three-dimensional element to his work. The density of the oil weighs down the airy pigment, further contributing to the paintings’ structural integrity.
Miler’s recent solo exhibitions include Looking Into Stone, L21 (Palma, 2023); There Are More Good People Than We Know, CHART (New York, 2022); On Our Way To The Devil’s Fortress, MAKI Gallery (Tokyo, 2022); Witness, The Pit (Glendale, CA, 2021); and 05, PM/AM (London, 2020). He has also participated in group exhibitions primarily in New York, as well as in Denmark, France, and the U.K.