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Tomohito Ushiro

Photo: Hide Takahashi
Photo: Hide Takahashi

Born in 1971 in Tokyo, Tomohito Ushiro enrolled in the Department of Graphic Design at Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design in 1991, then transferred to the Department of Visual Communication Design in 1993. In 1995, he joined the major advertising firm Hakuhodo Inc., leaving in 2008 to establish his own company WHITE DESIGN, where he is still active as the lead creative/art director today. Since 2011, Ushiro has been creating his own works based on concepts he started developing in college: “hard things/soft things” and “the stages of collapse an image undergoes when its organic lines are straightened through a reduction of vertices.” In 2019, following the artist Hiro Sugiyama’s advice, he began his art career in earnest and presented the installation work BALLOON at WAVE TOKYO, a series of exhibitions hosted by Sugiyama. Ushiro then went on to exhibit his photographic work BALLOON/PUBLIC PRESSURE in the 2020 edition and the sculptures BALLOON/PINK and BALLOON/BLUE in the 2021 edition. In 2022, he held his first solo exhibition Pointed at MAKI Gallery / Omotesando, and in 2023, his show NEW NUDE at Maebashi Galleria garnered significant attention from collectors and the public alike, signaling further strides in his emerging artistic career.