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Takahiro Yamamoto

Takahiro Yamamoto was born in Tottori, Japan, in 1984. After graduating from high school in Japan, he moved to Spain and studied the realist style of painting. He has also spent time in Singapore and New York, and currently lives and works in Japan. Utilizing archival images and found objects, such as photographs and postcards, Yamamoto adopts a hyper-realistic style in his paintings to question the relationship between original and its reproduction, revealing the ability of the latter to achieve its own uniqueness through the passage of time. Besides the dexterity and meticulousness of his work, Yamamoto portrays the course of time in palpable ways, bringing the viewer into a new field of expression where time is materialized. His works were presented in various solo shows including Aging Painting, Gallery Kogure/ Hpgrp gallery (New York, 2017); The genuine truth behind truths, Gallery Kogure (New York, 2016); and Where the artificial stops and the real starts, Gallery Kogure (Tokyo, 2013), along with a number of group shows in Asia and beyond.