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Jason Bereswill

Photo: Eliot Bassett-Cann
Photo: Eliot Bassett-Cann

Born in 1980 in New York City, Jason Bereswill received a BFA from the Ringling College of Art and Design in 2002 and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2005, where he was awarded an NYAA Postgraduate Fellowship upon graduation. He is currently based in Lambertville, New Jersey, where he co-founded the MarthaMOCA artist residency. Bereswill brings his deep interest in nature, sports, travel, and art history to life in his vibrant landscape paintings. His compositions capture the colors, light, and energy of a place in its entirety, fully immersing the viewer in the sublime power of nature. Some of his works depict vast vistas from a panoramic view, while others focus on one part of a scene by removing it from its context and presenting it as a single, magnified point. In the artist’s more recent works, the addition of human figures to the landscapes plays a significant role in developing a narrative within a meticulously constructed setting.
Bereswill’s recent solo exhibitions include L’Appel du Vide, MAKI Gallery (Tokyo, 2023); Rocks, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art (Bermuda, 2019); Arena, Casa MAAUAD (Mexico City, 2013); and New Paintings, Tony Shafrazi Gallery (New York, 2009). He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, including at Nino Mier Gallery (New York, 2023); The FLAG Art Foundation (New York, 2017); Marlborough Chelsea (New York, 2016); and Museo Jumex (Mexico City, 2012). His works are included in many respected public and private collections, including Museo Jumex, Hall Foundation, Brant Foundation, Bermuda National Gallery, and Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.