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Brian Harte

Photo: Debbie Hickey
Photo: Debbie Hickey

Born in 1978 in Ireland, where he continues to live and work today, Brian Harte graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork in 2001. Known for large-scale canvases that waver between abstraction and figuration, Harte composes deconstructed interior settings which hold traces from his own domestic life. Household items, such as table lamps, chairs, or framed pictures, appear and disappear in each work alongside the occasional indiscernible figure, leaving clues for a narrative yet to unfold. Using both bold and muted colors, the artist creates portals that transport viewers through a visual network that is at once intimate and private, but also familiar and universal.
Harte’s recent solo exhibitions include After Image, Simchowitz (Los Angeles, 2023); Return of the Hawthorn, MAKI Gallery (Tokyo, 2022); 8 Paintings ( from the midlands ), MAKI Gallery (Tokyo, 2021); Endless Worlds, Annarumma Gallery (Napoli, 2021); and Everything you touch, GNYP Gallery (Berlin, 2020). His works are included in multiple public and private collections, including the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg in Germany.